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End Time:

Telephone Number:


Start Time/Set-up


Number in Party

Bill to:

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Menu Request

 Morning Starters         Includes: Coffee, Tea and Decaf

Choose One      Apple juice

                         Orange Juice

Choose two    Assorted Bagels (w/Cream Cheese)



                      Coffee Cake

  Deli Platter          Includes a variety of breads, rolls, cheese and lettuce/tomato platter.


Choose Three:     Breast Of turkey           Medium rare roast beef          

                            Chicken Salad                            Seafood Salad

                              Egg Salad                                 Tuna Salad   

                                Imported Ham 

  Assorted Lavash Roll-Up Sandwiches




 Brownies                         Cookie Assortment

 Cheese, Crackers and fruit platter     Fresh Fruit Salad

 Mini Pastries                          Vegetable Crudite w/ dip

 Coffee, Tea aand decaf                 Cold Drinks.

Policies & Procedures: 

Cancellations: If you must cancel or postpone your event, please inform the Food Service Department as soon as possible. You will be billed for any expenses incurred by the Food Service Department up until the time of cancellation

Additional Charges: (1) Functions outside of the school lunch program that require use of Food Service Department equipment and/or labor will be charged $20.00 per hour for a minimum of three (3) hours. (2) A $5.00 delivery charge will be added for off-premises orders less than $30.00


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