Two Communities, One Mission*
50 Years Strong

Wayland celebrates its 50th anniversary as a METCO town. Join the many activities that will take place over school year (2017/18) and into Fall, 2018.

Are you a Wayland alum who attended through METCO, or a Wayland Family Friend or Host family, supporter, former Wayland staff? 

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 Everyone: parents, students, teachers, staff, supporters,...past and present…Wayland resident and Boston resident... can register with your contact information. We will keep you informed of upcoming dates of interest. 

*Mission-Our mission is to provide students with educational opportunities designed to enrich their academic, personal and interpersonal experiences.  It is our belief that the METCO experience should provide a strong academic foundation, as well as an environment rich in cultural, educational, ethnic and racial diversity. We are all METCO students and METCO families in a METCO town.

Chronicle WCVB5 - A Wayland METCO Story
Wayland METCO Story-Chronicle5
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The Annual Back to School Family Cookout

Hope you joined us at the September 24th cookout at Happy Hollow School. Rain Forest Reptiles shared their fabulous animals. Games like tug of war and 3-legged/bag races challenged our participants, face/henna painting, craft table, basketball, a sprinkler and a delicious grilled lunch featuring a cake celebrating Wayland's 50th year as a METCO town was enjoyed by all.
Pictures coming!  

This event was sponsored by The Village Bank, the Wayland PTO and
the Boston Parent Council.

The Metropolitan Council For Educational Opportunity (METCO) was founded in 1966. It is a state funded, voluntary educational desegregation program designed to eliminate racial imbalance through the busing of children from Boston, MA and Springfield, MA to suburban public schools in the 38 communities where the program operates. There are approximately 3,300 children attending suburban schools through the METCO program. Approximately 130 students attend Wayland schools in grades 1 through 12.

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