Arthur Unobskey, Superintendent of Schools
41 Cochituate Road
Wayland, MA 01778

Diane Marobella, Administrative Assistant

Welcome to the Wayland Public Schools, a district focused on teaching and learning for staff and students alike. The office of the Superintendent is responsible for overseeing the successful operation of the district’s five schools, inclusive of all school-sponsored activities and student experiences. All district administrators report to the Superintendent of Schools and, through these individuals, district employees are held accountable for the welfare of the students and their academic and extra curricular successes. School programs and student activities as well as finances, special services, instruction, technology, and professional development are coordinated through the office of the Superintendent.
Individuals with questions regarding any aspect of the district’s operation are encouraged to call, write or email the Superintendent of Schools. Inquiries will be directed to the appropriate school personnel and a response will be forthcoming. The Superintendent of Schools is pleased to communicate directly with future, current, or past users of the Wayland Public Schools. Above average attention to the community’s children and ultimately all residents constitute the central value of the Wayland Public Schools.

NOTE: Please follow the District Budget link in the left column to access the budget booklet, backup documentation and other significant school district reports.