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Revised 12-18-2008

At a series of fall meetings, the Wayland School Committee discussed the projected elementary school reconfiguration cost savings. The estimate of this savings currently stands as follows.
  • Principal: $97,650 (TBAa new staff member)
  • 12-month secretary: $41,016
  • Elementary teacher: $52,872
  • Kindergarten teacher (0.65 FTE): $35,824b
  • Kindergarten teaching assistant (17.5 hours): $13,643b
  • Librarian: $55,114
  • Music teacher (0.5 FTE): $22,704
  • Guidance counselor (0.5 FTE): $47,228
  • Teaching assistants (2): $43,315
  • Custodian: $35,266
  • MCAS stipend (1): $1,963
  • SPED team leader stipend (1): $3,477
  • Student activity stipends (4): $5,892b
  • Summer work added due to the reconfiguration: -$4,600b

  • Crossing guard and nursing (municipal budget): $39,000
  • Health insurance (municipal budget): $59,500b

  • OVERALL TOTAL: $549,864
aThe TBA notation reflects that a person leaving a position that was eliminated with the reconfiguration to 2 1/2 schools would have been replaced by someone "to be announced" (TBA) at an estimated salary, as shown.

bThis notation indicates that the savings or expense was not identified during the time leading up to development of the FY09 budget during the winter and spring of 2008.

cThe elementary reconfiguration savings amount identified during the winter and spring of 2008 was $400,605.

The transportation cost difference will not be known until the end of the school year. At present, the schools have one additional noon Kindergarten run above what was in place last year.

Summer moving expenses and other non-personnel expenses have also not been estimated yet.

The Committee will update this analysis as additional information becomes available.

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