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Long Range Strategic Planning (LRSP) effort
Wayland School Committee

Leading up to its June 2006 "retreat," the School Committee initiated an effort to develop and codify a Long Range Strategic Plan for the Wayland Public Schools. At present, the committee has cataloged on the order of 70 goals from numerous sources and identified 8 as candidates for near-term pursuit. These goals are listed below (in no particular order).
  • Determine the districts mission, goals, and priorities
  • Develop measures to determine mission success
  • Establish design for and approval of HS facility
  • Negotiate contract that jointly benefits teachers, students, and the community
  • Establish and institute annual long range strategic planning process
  • Improve process for School Committee to guide and evaluate superintendent
  • Develop supplemental funding sources
  • Enhance community support
The committee will present this list, the full list of candidate goals, and the process used to identify them at its 11/20/2006 Public Forum (7pm, Wayland Town Building, Large Hearing Room).

The full list of candidate goals is available here. The process used to arrive at this list and distill it down to the 8 above is outlined below.

1. Begin with planning consultant's list of 20 Strategic Questions (column A) and resulting 10 Focus Areas (column B). (PDF)

2. Reorder SQs and FAs so that they align with the 5 "Domains" (column D) presented by the consultant on 10/16/2006. (PDF)
  • For instance, the following all fall under the Domain called "Student Learning"
    • Mission, Curriculum, Technology, Mandates, Facilities, High School
  • Red for "Student Learning"
  • Yellow for "Staff Performance"
  • Green for "District Leadership"
  • Blue for "Financial Management"
  • Purple for "Community Support"
3. List "Sub-Domains" (column E) from 10/16 and later as a starting point for grouping goals

4. Cull candidate goals (column F) from the following resources (columns G-M) and placed them within the Sub-Domains.
  • Consultant's 8/28/2006 presentation (column G, marked "A1)
  • Consultant's 10/16/2006 presentation (column H, GA2)
  • The WPS mission statement (column I, WPS)
  • The Superintendent goals memos from the past few years (column J, Superintendent)
  • The WSC mission statement, budget guidelines, and June 2006 planning outline (column K, WSC Documents)
  • Generally understood WSC or individual member interests (column L, WSC/Member)
  • Stakeholders (column M, Stakeholders, from Steve's 10/16 presentation)
  • 6 documents from local peers and Project Blueprint schools (column N, Peer Districts)

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