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2005-01-24: Vote tomorrow 1/25 AND Thursday 1/27
To proceed with educationally and financially responsible high school modernization and expansion project, the Wayland Public Schools need your vote tomorrow at the polls AND on Thursday at the Special Town Meeting.

- Special Election: Tuesday, January 25
     Middle School and Town Building: 7am to 8pm
- Special Town Meeting: Thursday, January 27
     HS Field House: 7:45pm

Please note that for the project to move ahead so that we can submit an application for state reimbursement, BOTH VOTES MUST PASS: Tuesday the 25th by a majority, Thursday the 27th by two thirds. If either fails, we won't be able to move ahead. The question appears to be exceedingly close: be sure to vote on the 25th and attend on the 27th.

If you are subscribed to other e-lists, we apologize for any duplication of messages, but hope that you recognize the importance of this issue.

The logistics of the Special Town Meeting alone should make the 27th worth attending. Several items of note. The meeting starts at 7:45pm. Babysitting is available via babysitting@waylandeducation.org and there will be an in-school "Kids Night Out" kind of thing at L-1 at the High School. We recommend that treat the evening like an airline flight and arrive at least 60 minutes in advance to allow for parking and check-in. Bring a book, some paperwork, or best of all, friends and neighbors for conversation to fill the time. If possible, stretch your legs and walk to the meeting, or start a carpool. Parking at the high school is limited: shuttles will be running from Sandy Burr, St. Ann's, and the Middle School to handle overflow.

More about the proposal is available at www.waylandschoolcommittee.org/whs/hsbc/index.htm.