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2005-01-26: Project is NOT approved at the polls
School Committee chair Lori Frieling made the following statement on Tuesday, January 25, following the Special Election.


The town has spoken and the proposed design funds ballot question, for the new construction and renovation of the High School, has failed tonight. The Town spoke 1,996 in favor and 2,629 opposed. This is a 43% to 57% defeat. I convened the School Committee tonight at 9pm and we have decided to pass over Article 1 at Town Meeting and we will have a limited rebuttal of Article 2. The Town has spoken and we must respect its will. In other words, the urgency of your attendance at STM has been reduced and please come if you are interested in an interesting process.

Thank you for your support throughout the past year or more. I have profound respect for the High School Building Committee members and their work and the work of my fellow School Committee colleagues.