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2005-12-22: elementary math curriculum review
This week's Town Crier (12/22/2005) contains a guest column by the Wayland School Committee outlining the findings of the recently completed elementary math curriculum review. For the next few weeks until the Town Crier archives the article, you may find it online at: http://www.townonline.com/wayland/opinion/view.bg?articleid=393900

The full report is available from the committee's web site, immediately below the light orange "What's New?" box. Please note the large file size. http://www.waylandschoolcommittee.org/

As a reminder, the committee will resume its 2006-2007 school year budget discussion on January 9 when it receives the Superintendent's budget proposal. The conversation will continue at budget work sessions on January 12 and 17 and at the regular meeting on January 23. The full committee calendar is available here. http://www.wayland.k12.ma.us/admin/schoolcomm/sc05_06cal.pdf