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2006-11-12: 11/20 forum focus on long range strategic planning effort
This newsletter contains information on:

1. November 20 school forum
2. Long-Range Strategic Planning update

The Committee welcomes community input by phone, email, letter,
and attendance at public meetings and forums (schedule).

1. November 20 school forum
The Wayland School Committee invites all Wayland residents to a Public Forum on Monday, November 20th (details below) The Committee plans to review the status of its current initiatives, including the long-range planning process with 8 preliminarily prioritized goals, the High School building project, key administrator searches and the new elementary school math curriculum. Following the presentation, the Committee will hold an extended public comment period during which we would like to have a conversation regarding the priorities of the Wayland School district.
Location: Large Hearing Room, Wayland Town Building
Time: 7:00pm (corrected)

2. Long-Range Strategic Planning update
As part of the Long Range Strategic Planning effort, the School Committee has cataloged on the order of 70 goals from numerous sources and identified 8 as candidates for near-term pursuit. The full list of 70 goals and a description of the process used to arrive at this list is available at:
The 8 prioritized goals are listed below (in no particular order):
  • Determine the districts’ mission, goals, and priorities
  • Develop measures to determine mission success
  • Establish design for and approval of HS facility
  • Negotiate contract that jointly benefits teachers, students, and the community
  • Establish and institute annual long range strategic planning process
  • Improve process for School Committee to guide and evaluate superintendent
  • Develop supplemental funding sources
  • Enhance community support
Our next meeting--beginning with the forum--is scheduled for Monday, November 20th.

Thank you for your attention,
Wayland School Committee

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