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2006-12-07: Community involvement requested for Long Range Strategic Planning effort

The Committee welcomes community input by phone, email, letter,
and attendance at public meetings and forums (schedule).

At a recent meeting, the School Committee began to establish goal teams for the districtís 8 prioritized goals as part of its Long Range Strategic Planning effort. Each goal team will include a school administrator, School Committee representative, and possibly a community member, teacher, and/or student. In some cases, goals teams have already been established and are underway: for instance, the the High School project and negotiations. The goals that are in need of teams include:
  • Determine the districtís mission and develop measures to determine mission success
  • Establish and institute annual long range strategic planning process, including setting goals and priorities
  • Develop supplemental funding sources
  • Enhance community support
The Committee would like to invite any community member who is interested in participating on one of these goal teams to contact Heather Pineault, School Committee Chair, at heather.a.pineault.87 @ alum.dartmouth.org or 508-358-9665. The work of the goal teams will be to codify the current approach for that team's goal, gather input from various stakeholders as appropriate, develop a proposed strategy and corresponding measures for moving forward, and present its recommendation to the School Committee and Superintendent. We look forward to working together with the community on this important initiative.

Thank you for your attention,
Wayland School Committee

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