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April 2010

The following documents summarize the recent history of technology planning and capital budget requests.

Building on this work, the School Committee submitted initial (early January 2010) and final (early February 2010) FY2011 technology capital requests to the Finance Committee.
For additional technology resources, see the department's home page. In particular, note the "Technology Around the District" link at the bottom of the right navigation section.

The School Committee's discussion of the FY2011 technology capital request began in the fall of 2009 with approval of a $750k request in order to meet the 2010 Annual Town Meeting article submission deadline, with the understanding that more detail would be added prior to the final request. In late December, the technology director and a Committee member, drawing in part on the 2009-2012 technology plan and the more recent work of the TTF, generated the initial FY11 request referenced above.

Over the course of January, the technology director and the Committee member worked with the School and Finance Committees to refine the request, scaling back the Student Computer Initiative (SCI) to a smaller pilot implementation and redirected the request for those funds to teacher and replacement computers, choosing to use 2010 to draw on its pilot and on the plans and experiences of other districts to develop a plan meeting the Finance Committee's requirements. The Finance Committee agreed with the pilot approach, but scaled it back by $50k and reduced the peripheral, infrastructure, and replacement computer elements of the request by $100k.