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2004-12-19: read our provocative blog
We would like to call your attention to a "blog" (web log) used to post, comment on, or respond to school-related issues. Provocative things are being said around town, not all of them accurate. The blog sets the record straight.


If you were able to attend last week's forum on the high school modernization and expansion project, we hope that you found it to be informative. If you couldn't make it, please review the HSBC's great information mailer that you received last week, check out the HSBC home page, and mark your calendar for the following events.

- 2nd Community Forum: Saturday, January 8
     HS Little Theater: 9am tour, 10am forum
- 3rd Community Forum: Thursday, January 13
     HS Little Theater: 6:30pm tour, 7:30pm forum
- Special Election: Tuesday, January 25
     Middle School and Town Building: 7am to 8pm
- Special Town Meeting: Thursday, January 27
     HS Field House: 7:45pm