WSCP Director, Patricia Keefe

BASE Staff

Rosemarie Teti, Administrative Coordinator    508-655-6403

Nicole Curci, Accounts Receivable    508-655-0832

Questions re: BASE registration may be directed to Rosemarie Teti or Nicole Curci at above contact information.

Kathy Hodge, Accounts Coordinator  508-655-6405

Before-School Friends
Three Kindergarteners happily modeled their duct tape "pocketbooks" during the before-school program at Happy Hollow School.

BASE Site Coordinators 

Will Leona, Claypit Hill School   Grades K-4    508-358-7008  

Teresa Creber, Happy Hollow School    Grades K-4    508-358-7004   

Jennifer Rice, Loker School   Grades K-4  508-655-4781

Linda Ryan, Wayland Middle School   Grades 5-8    508-655-8585



BASE Photo/Image Opt Out 2015-16 

As part of the BASE registration process, parents/guardians acknowledged the need to complete an "Opt-Out" form if they did not give BASE permission to use photos/images of their child(ren).  The form is below and must be completed and returned to BASE only if BASE does not have permission to photograph the child.

Click link below:



Click link below:
BASE Yearly Rates K-8, FY16.xls

(2016-17 BASE Rates To Be Determined)


Below is the link to the BASE Parent Handbook, which outlines policies and procedures. 

Parent Handbook 2015 (1).docx



BASE Registration for 2015-16 Academic Year

The BASE program uses an online registration system. 

The registration site is:

Contact Rosemarie Teti (508-655-6403) or Nicole Curci (508-655-0832) for information about possible program openings and they will reopen the site on a case-by-case basis.

When enrolling, families need to select the school and grade their child or children will be entering in the coming fall. There are separate forms for before and after school programs, so if a child will be attending both programs, two forms will need to be completed. A separate registration form is needed for each child in a family. Your registration will be complete when you pay the $60 per family annual registration fee. As you conclude the online registration process, you will see a link to make the registration fee payment online.

Registering early is always advisable since some programs fill quickly.
Before (K-5) and after school programs (K-4) are held in Claypit Hill, Happy Hollow and Loker Schools. At Wayland Middle School, there is an after school program for Grades 5 – 8. Fifth graders are bused to Wayland Middle School.

Contact: 508-655-6403, Wayland School Community Programs


outdoor play

Outdoor Exploration is an important part of afternoon BASE.


Wayland School Community Programs


For Half Day Kindergarten Students…

An Optional Extended Day program

  For Immediate Release

 For children attending half-day kindergarten in the fall, Wayland School Community Programs offers an optional extended day program through BASE (Before/After School Extension).

 It begins at 12:05 pm and concludes at the end of the regular school day.  Unlike the district’s optional full day program, children may attend the BASE program for two, three, four, or five days.

 The school district will have three traditional, half-day classes in the fall, one in each of the elementary schools. The other rooms will offer the optional, full-day program due to enrollment demands for a five-day, full day Kindergarten option.

The BASE program’s curriculum includes story time, science, nature exploration, gym and outdoor games, music and movement, and art. Blocks, Legos, MagnaTiles, K’nex, and other manipulatives offer ample opportunities for children to build and create alone, with a classmate, or with a group.  Children eat lunch together in the cafeteria.

 BASE offers additional extended day options, opening at 7 am daily for K-5 students. Afternoon programs for K-8 begin when the school day ends and conclude at 6 pm.  Two enrollment blocks are offered:  until 4:30 pm or 6 pm.

Optional February and April vacation week programs with field trips and special events daily are available. 

For information about registering, contact (508-655-0832) or (508-655-6403).


  Winter ProjectAn annual winter project is the creation of a candy house at Happy Hollow School. During the December concert season, families enjoy the colorful display in the school's front lobby.

Fall Festival
Special events at BASE are unique to each site, but all programs come together occasionally. A Fall Festival highlight included a visit from baby rabbits, goats, and other farm animals.  There is an annual BASE Family Night that may feature a Variety Show or other entertainment.


Before/After SchoolExtension (BASE) is located in each elementary school and at Wayland MiddleSchool, providing before and after school programming for children in kindergarten through eighth grade. (Before school is offered for K-5 only).  At the elementary schools, a K-4 after-school program is offered at Happy Hollow, Claypit Hill, and Loker School. Grade 5 pupils are transported to Wayland Middle School for a Grades 5-8 program.

Children enrolled in BASE have use of school gymnasiums, libraries, cafeterias, computers or computer labs, assigned classrooms, playgrounds, and playing fields.  Daily activities vary and are always fine-tuned to reflect children's changing interests and abilities.  Flexible schedules are available, offering 2, 3, 4 or 5 afternoons until 4:30 or 6:00. Kindergartners may enroll in a Kindergarten BASE program, which begins upon the completion of morning Kindergarten. More detailed information can be obtained by calling the WSCP office at 508-655-6403.

Please note that Before-School is the only program that offers a drop-in option but children must be registered with the BASE morning program. After-School programs are enrolled on a contractual basis, and there is a two-day minimum. 


Kindergarten BASE Enrollment Information 2015-16
The BASE programs offers:
Before-School Program   7:00 am until 8:30 am
BASE Program  12:05 pm until 3:00 pm (Wednesdays - 1:50 pm)
Extended BASE Hours   Wait list only for 2015-16  
3:00 pm until 4:30 or 6:00 pm (Wednesdays - 1:50 pm, start time)  

Enrollment for the 2016-17 academic year begins in the spring. Watch for announcements! 


During February and April vacation weeks, Wayland School Community Programs offers programs held at Loker School for children in Kindergarten through Grade Five. Each day offers a mix of free play and scheduled activity periods for cooking, science, arts and crafts, active games, music, and more. Children also enjoy special events daily. A typical week might include field trips for mini-golf, bowling, roller skating, or indoor playgrounds. 

Mask-Making was one activity during February Vacation week. Children also enjoyed learning about the phases of the moon, and drew pictures showing what the moon will look like on their birthdays. They also learned about popular children's names and toys in Venezuela. They made a popular toy: ball-in-a-cup.

Mask MakingMask Making Activity