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Chinese Language & Culture                              
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Chinese Language & Culture

Grades:   Elementary, K-5, Claypit Hill, Happy Hollow, and Loker Schools
Contact: Coco Min Zhou

Telephone:  508-650-4884
Schedule:  Available at link below


Chinese Language and Culture Classes are taught in all three elementary schools for K-5 students. Many hands-on activities enliven the classes, including calligraphy, music, literature, and more. Several levels are offered to accommodate the beginner and more advanced student. 

Tour of Chinatown
Coco Min Zhou leads a tour of Boston's Chinatown neighborhood. Students and their families meet at Chinatown's Gate for a morning of dim sum and touring. Read all about one of the  trips at the link below (just copy and paste into your browser).



"I think it’s a huge advantage to start at such an early age."

"Organized, challenging, teachers are very helpful and motivating."

"Teaching kids a variety of language and culture skills."

"Teaching a combination of language and culture. Eye-opening and interesting to children."

"Amazingly enthusiastic, patient and knowledgeable teacher! And I like the combination of different ways of teaching: introducing different food, different clothes, crafts, and videos, in addition to oral lessons."



About the Program

  • We offer an excellent opportunity to learn Chinese at an early age. 
  • Taught by experienced native Chinese language teachers.
  • We teach culture as well as language.
  • We make learning fun through songs, rhymes, games and hands-on activities.
  • Classes at a convenient time and location
  • Long-established program in Wayland Public Schools

Global Child

Contact:  Zouhaida Elian, Global Child Regional Coordinator


Telephone: 781-444-7377

Web Site:
Schedule:  Available at link below

French and Spanish classes are offered at Claypit Hill, Happy Hollow, and Loker Schools through the Global Child program one afternoon per week at the end of the school day.  Instructors use a hands-on approach for children in Grades K-5.  Games, music, and skits are among the teaching techniques employed. 

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Two world language specialists founded Global Child in 1992.  Global Child provides world language instruction to children in grades K-5 in their own schools.  We offer classes before school and/or after school. We currently offer our program to 25 communities in Massachusetts both in public and private schools.

 Program Aim

Studies have shown that children learn best at an early age when their minds are most receptive to aural learning and retention. Learning another language is one of the best ways to become part of the global community. Our program emphasizes listening and speaking skills with culture integrated into the language. We follow the VMM approach (visuals, manipulatives and motion. We incorporate culture into our program. 

The main strength of the program is our group of talented teachers.  All Global Child teachers are fluent in the languages they teach and 90% of them are native speakers. They have excellent accents!  Our teachers have experience with young children and love working with them!  They come from places such as Argentina, Canada, Cuba, Ecuador, France, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Spain.

Class Size:  Maximum students in class: 12   

                  Minimum students in class:   8

Classes meet once a week for 50 minutes

Included in the tuition, students receive Global Child Parent Student Booklet and audio CD (a $25 value) at the second class of each semester, and a weekly handout which is related to the lesson.

We offer a 10 week semester beginning in late September and a 12 week semester starting in early February.  Classes are academic & fun!