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Coordinated Program Review
Press Release

April 23, 2018

Arthur Unobskey, Superintendent of the Wayland Public Schools was informed by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education of an upcoming Coordinated Program Review that will be taking place this school year. As part of this Coordinated Program Review, Department staff will visit the district during the week of May 21, 2018. Such visits are routinely conducted by the Department to satisfy federal and state requirements for the periodic review of specific education programs and services in schools throughout the Commonwealth.  The Department is reviewing several programs during a single visit in order to use Department and school staff’s time most efficiently and to encourage strong connections among the programs.

The Department's Coordinated Program Review will address the following programs: Special Education, Civil Rights, and English Learners. After reviewing school district procedures for these programs, a Department team will make its onsite visit, during which it will review individual student records, interview administrators, teachers and paraprofessional staff, survey parents and observe instructional spaces. After the onsite visit it will prepare a report for the superintendent and school committee [or charter school leader and board of trustees], with detailed findings for each program.

Using a scale of ratings ranging from “Commendable” to “Not Implemented,” the report will rate the implementation of each requirement reviewed by the Department. Where requirements are found not implemented or only partially implemented, the district must propose to the Department corrective action to bring those areas into compliance with statutes and regulations.  Districts and schools are encouraged to incorporate the corrective action into their district and school improvement plans and professional development plan. The school district will be provided with technical assistance from the Department in developing a corrective action plan.  Both the Department’s report and the corrective action plan are public information and will be available to the public upon request. Program Review Final Reports are also available on the Department’s Internet website at <>.

Any member of the public may request to be interviewed by telephone by a member of the Department's visiting team.  Those wishing to be interviewed should call the Wayland Public Schools at 508-358-3757 no later than May 18, 2018 to leave their name and phone number, or they may call the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education at (781) 338-3735.   A member of the visiting team will contact each person desiring an interview within two weeks after the completion of the onsite visit.  If an individual is not comfortable communicating in English or requires some other accommodation, the Department will make arrangements to communicate appropriately with the individual.

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Special Education Outreach 2018

Recognizing and respecting the various individual styles and rates of development of children, the Wayland Public Schools and its student support teams assist parents in understanding their student’s development and in identifying and special education needs that he/she might be experiencing.

If you are a Wayland resident and have concerns about your child’s cognitive and academic development or speech and language, fine and gross motor skills, and social and emotional development, please contact the special education department at your child’s school.  The Wayland Public Schools is available to meet and consult with parents regarding their child’s development and work with you to determine next steps.

The School district welcomes any questions and discussions with parents at any time during the school year. 

Claypit Hill School:  508-358-3851 x 5331
Happy Hollow School:  508-358-8644
Loker School:  508-358-8613
Wayland Middle School:  508-655-6670 x 1106
Wayland High School:  508-358-3722

Early Childhood Outreach Program  2018

The Wayland Public Schools, through its Early Childhood Outreach Program, serves children ages 3 to 5, and their families, throughout the school year. The early childhood coordinator is available to meet and consult with parents regarding their children’s development.

Recognizing and respecting the various individual styles and rates of development of young children, the early childhood coordinator assists parents in understanding their children’s development and in identifying any special educational needs that children might be experiencing.

If you are a Wayland resident and have concerns about your child’s speech and language, fine and gross motor skills, cognition, and social and emotional development, call Gretchen Lutz, early childhood coordinator, at 508-358-6818 to arrange a special education preschool screening.

Ms. Lutz welcomes any questions and discussions with parents at any time during the school year, and assists in the transition of young children into kindergarten as well.

Student Special Education Records

October 16, 2017

Per the regulations, the Wayland Public Schools is obligated to maintain Special Education Records for 5 years after a student graduates.  In keeping with this regulation, the Wayland Public Schools is currently in the process of destroying the special education records of students who graduated in the year 2007 and 2008.  In accordance with Student Records Regulations, we would be happy to hand over to you this only copy of  your special education record as a method of disposing of the record.  If you would like to receive this record please call the Student Services Department at 508-358-3757 by November 16, 2017, so you can arrange to pick-up the record.

Please note:  Records cannot be  mailed and must be picked up.  If you wish to have someone other than yourself pick-up your record, a signed and dated note from you must be written to give permission to pick up the record.  

If we do not hear from  you by November 11, 2017 the records will be destroyed.  For your information, the only record kept by school systems after this period of time is the official transcript that lists the courses taken and grades obtained and verifies high school graduation, that is kept for 60 years.

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