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Wayland Public Schools Acceptable Use Policy
Computer, Network, and Internet -- Terms & Conditions

1. Acceptable Use
At school, use of computers and the Internet is for education only. Students may conduct research, learn, and communicate with others. All students agree to follow the rules of appropriate behavior:

  • Students may not copy material and say that they wrote it.
  • Students will visit only Internet sites suitable for children and for educational purposes.

2. Privileges
The use of school computers is a privilege. The teachers and principal decide when students may use computers or the Internet. If a student uses a computer or the Internet in ways that are not appropriate, he or she may have privileges taken away. Also, remember that computer files are not private. School and system administrators may see your work.

3. Etiquette
Students will follow rules for appropriate behavior. Some (but not all) of those rules are listed below:·

  • Be polite when writing.
  • Use appropriate language.
  • Students may use computers for research, but must identify where information is found.
  • Do not share account or password information with others, and do not try to log on as someone else.
  • Do not try to see the folders, work, or files of others.

4. Online Safety
Please follow these rules about online safety:·

  • Do not give your phone number or address to anyone over the Internet.
  • Notify an adult immediately if you find information on the computer that makes you uncomfortable or nervous.

5. Truthfulness
The Wayland Public School System is not responsible for the truth or the quality of the information found on the Internet.

6. Privacy
Your information and records of what you viewed, received and saved are not private. Teachers and technical staff may review files to be sure everyone is using computers responsibly.

7. Security
Security on any computer system is important. If a student knows of any times when these rules are broken, he/she must tell a teacher or principal. School personnel are in charge of Internet access. Students will not connect to the Internet unless directed to do so under the supervision of a teacher. Do not tell anyone else your password and do not log in as anyone else.

8. Filtering
WPS uses network software to filter or block material harmful to children, as required by the Children's Internet Protection Act. Students should not attempt to get around filters.

9. Vandalism
Any vandalism will result in the loss of privilege to use the Internet, and/or the computers, themselves.
Vandalism includes:·

  • physical damage to the computers
  • damage to files that belong to others
  • changing any computer settings or software
  • any attempts to bypass security settings

10. Consequences
Violations of any of these rules may result in the loss of access. There may also be disciplinary actions that your teacher or school principal determine are appropriate consequences to violating the Acceptable Use rules.


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