Mandated Employee Training

FY17 Online Mandated Employee Training

Welcome to the Wayland Public Schools Online Mandated Employee Training.  All staff are required to complete mandated employee training modules on a yearly basis.  After completing all modules, you must take a survey to verify your completion and understanding of all course content.

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Conflict of Interest & Ethics

Read State Conflict of Interest Law:  Link to COI LAW

State Ethics Reform Law:
  (To be completed by all new employees, and every two years thereafter.) This module consists of 25 scenarios.  For each, the reader must select the correct response to a question by applying a portion of the law to the scenario.  If you select an incorrect response, you are given additional opportunities to select the correct one.  At the end of this module, YOU MUST PRINT the "Conflict of Interest" and online "State Ethics Commission" receipts and submit them to your Principal or Supervisor.

   ==>Estimated time to complete this module is 20-25 minutes.

   ==>Link to Online Ethics Course Module

51A Reporting:  (MA Licensed staff only.) This module consists of a pre-assessment (15 questions), text slides outlining state law accompanied by two short videos, case studies (5 scenarios) for which the reader is asked to determine whether or not the hypothetical incident should be reported under 51A law, and a post-assessment (same 15 questions).  It is not necessary to print the "Training Certificate" at the end of this module. 

   ==>Estimated time to complete this module is 30 minutes.
   ==>Link to Online Course Module

Bullying and Cyber-Bullying:  This module consists of a self-paced audio slide show which presents an overview of District policy. Policy Update:  The most recent State regulations revised the definition of bullying to include staff members:

“Bullying” is the repeated use by one or more students or school staff members of a written, verbal, or electronic expression, or a physical act or gesture, or any combination thereof, directed at a target that:
● causes physical or emotional harm to the target or damage to the target’s property;
● places the target in reasonable fear of harm to him/herself, or of damage to his/her property;
● creates a hostile environment at school for the target;
● infringes on the rights of the target at school; or
● materially and substantially disrupts the education process or the orderly
operation of a school.

   ==>Estimated time to complete this module is 10-15 minutes.
   ==>Link to Online Presentation

Wayland Standards of Conduct:  Please read and review this policy.

==>Estimated time to complete this module is 5 minutes.
==>Link to Standards of Conduct 

Collective Bargaining Contract:  Please read and review your appropriate Employee Contract Handbook.

==>Estimated time to complete this is 15 minutes.
==>Link to Contracts

Faculty Handbook:  Please read and review your appropriate School Faculty Handbook.

==>Estimated time to complete this module is 10 minutes.

==>High School Faculty Handbook
==>Middle School Faculty Handbook
==>Claypit Hill Faculty Handbook
==>Happy Hollow Faculty Handbook
==>Loker Faculty Handbook

Harassment and Non-Discrimination:  This module is an overview of District Policy and consists of 6 text slides. 

   ==>Estimated time to complete this module is 5 minutes.
   ==>Link to Online Presentation

Physical Restraint Training:  This module consists of a self-paced audio slide show.  It is not necessary to print the "Certificate of Completion" at the end of this module. 

   ==>Estimated time to complete this module is 15-20 minutes.
   ==>Link to Online Presentation

WPS Employee AUP/ISP Policy (LARK):
This module consists of a review of our New District Policy, LARK (July 2012), which must be reviewed yearly and adhered to on a daily basis.

   ==>Estimated time to complete this module is 10 minutes.
   ==>Link to Online Policy

Concussion in Sports:  This online module includes 5 videos related to recognizing and responding to students with concussions. Please PRINT the certificate of completion and give it to your Principal, and give a copy to the Athletic Director if you are a coach.

   ==>Estimated time to complete this is 30 minutes.
   ==>Link to Online Presentation

FY17 Verification of Completion:  Please complete this short survey to verify you have completed all required modules and understand content.

   ==>Estimated time to complete this survey is 1 minute.
   ==>Wayland Employees - Link to Online Survey
   ==>Non Wayland Employee - Link to Online Survey