District administration plays a crucial role in the effective functioning of a K-12 school system. We are responsible for overseeing and managing various aspects of the district's operations, ensuring that all schools within the district are providing quality education and support to students. Here is an overview of the key responsibilities of district administrators:

School Improvement

As District administrators, we are responsible for monitoring the performance of schools within the district and identifying areas for improvement. We work collaboratively with school principals and staff to develop improvement plans and provide support and resources to help schools meet their goals. We also evaluate the effectiveness of school improvement initiatives and make necessary adjustments.

Teaching and Learning - Assistant Superintendent

We develop and implement a comprehensive curriculum that aligns with state standards and meets the needs of all students. We work closely with teachers and instructional leaders to ensure that the curriculum is effective and supports student learning. We also provide professional development opportunities for teachers to enhance their instructional practices.

Budget and Finance - Business Office

We are responsible for developing and managing the district's budget. We allocate funds to schools based on their needs and priorities, ensuring that resources are distributed equitably. We also monitor expenditures and ensure that financial resources are used efficiently and effectively.

Human Resources

We are responsible for hiring and retaining qualified staff employees. We oversee the recruitment and selection process, ensuring that the district attracts and hires highly qualified teachers and administrators.

Student Support Services - Department of Student Services

We are responsible for ensuring that all students have access to the support services they need to succeed academically, socially, and emotionally. We oversee the implementation of special education programs, counseling services, and other support services. We also collaborate with community organizations and agencies to provide additional resources and support for students and families.

Policy Development and Implementation

We are responsible for developing and implementing policies that govern the operation of the district. We work closely with the School Committee and other stakeholders to develop policies that align with state and federal regulations and support the district's goals and priorities. We also ensure that policies are effectively communicated to staff, students, and families.


Through our METCO (Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity) program we are responsible for promoting diversity and equal educational opportunities by providing students from Boston with the opportunity to attend Wayland Public Schools. The program aims to reduce racial and socioeconomic segregation in schools and foster cultural understanding and appreciation among students from different backgrounds. Students have access to high-quality education, resources, and opportunities that may not be available in their home districts. The program also aims to enhance academic achievement, increase college readiness, and prepare students for success in a diverse society. Overall, our METCO program strives to create a more inclusive and equitable educational system for all students.

Technology Department

We are responsible for ensuring that technology is effectively integrated into all aspects of education. With the rapid advancement of technology, it has become crucial for schools to embrace digital tools and resources to enhance teaching and learning experiences. The technology department aims to provide students and teachers with the necessary tools, infrastructure, and support to effectively utilize technology in the classroom.

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