Wayland Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC)
Co-Chairs:  Anne-Louise Klaus
                   Katy Andrus
Co-Secretaries:  Margo Grossman
                           Stephanie Holender
Treasurer:  Gayle Gledhill
Events/Programming Member at Large:  Janeka Melanson
Community Resources Member at Large:  Julie Kannel
Liaison/Outreach Member at Large:  Colleen Morneweck
Technology/Research Member at Large:  Lisa Bagley

Upcoming Events:


September 2020
Dear Families,

Welcome back! We hope you had a chance to relax and regroup this summer! The Wayland SEPAC (Special Education Parent Advisory Council) has been busy and we have a number of exciting updates for you as we head into the new year. Please note that this email is coming to you through the district list, which is not the SEPAC email list. We invite you to email us at to join our official list. 

We’re excited that we were able to set up a SEPAC Gift Fund through the Town - thank you to Karyn Vostok Jones and Gayle Gledhill from SEPAC and Susan Bottan and Karen Mantey from WPS for their work to make that happen. More information on how to donate to support the SEPAC is below. Please keep reading for news from our board members!

As always, we welcome your questions, ideas, concerns, and feedback and look forward to seeing you soon!

Best regards,
Anne-Louise Klaus & Colleen Morneweck
Wayland SEPAC Co-Chairs

Janeka Melanson, Events & Programming Chair

- Weekly Zoom check-ins are ongoing. Email us at for the link to these meetings. The check-ins are generally on Wednesdays at 7:30 pm.

Official Meetings for the year are on Thursdays at 7 pm: 10/1, 12/3, 2/11, 4/8, and 6/3 on Zoom for now. 

* Click here for the full fall schedule (calendar). For details, email, go to our website or follow us on FB, Twitter, or Instagram. The links are on the website. Dates and times are subject to change.

Community Resources
Julie Kannel, Community Resources Chair

I'd like to welcome everyone to the start of a new school year! We are looking to expand our resource list with helpful references, directly from Wayland parents, who have used the providers and have had beneficial results for their children. The current resource list is available on our website at . We are planning to send out an email twice a year to help remind parents to share a wonderful resource they may have recently used. Please take a look at our "Wayland SEPAC Parents" Facebook page, and you can let us know your resource there, or you can email the SEPAC at with the information. 

School/Program Liaisons
Erin Newton, Liaison Chair

Wayland SEPAC is excited to start the new school year with volunteers serving as SEPAC parent liaisons for each of the schools in the district. Over the summer, these SEPAC parent liaisons connected with school principals or directors in order to begin the collaborative work of sharing SEPAC updates with the schools and communicating the questions and/or concerns of SEPAC parents. As the school year begins, the building-based SEPAC parent liaisons will continue to update the school communities with information about SEPAC resources, workshops, speakers, events and meetings. We are still in need of a Liaison(s) for the METCO program and for Out of District parents/guardians. Please contact me by emailing if you’re interested in helping out in one of these roles.

SEPAC Gift Fund
Gayle Gledhill, Treasurer

Wayland SEPAC is now ready to start taking donations. Donations are tax deductible. Any donations will go toward programs and events to help our parents and guardians of children on IEPs and 504s to be better equipped to help their children. Beyond this, funds may also be used in the future to support special education efforts in the district. Checks may be made out to SEPAC Gift Account - WPS and sent to: SEPAC / Attn.: Colleen Morneweck, Co-Chair / 17 Knollwood Lane / Wayland, MA 01778. No child comes with a handbook, and some need more than others. Your support makes the work of the Wayland SEPAC possible. 

Lisa Bagley, Technology Chair

As of last spring, Wayland SEPAC can be found online at Our website serves as a home for all SEPAC information including Resources, events and past emails and posts. We also have a new District News page to help you keep up as things develop. You can sign up for our e-mail list on the website as well as find links to our Facebook group, Instagram and Twitter accounts. Please check it out and follow us for continually updated information. 

We hope to continue work this year on a survey to send out to special education families to help identify needs as well as understand what works well and what could be improved within the district. As WPS is up for a DESE review this year, we anticipate there being an opportunity for discussion and feedback at that time as well. The schedule is currently unclear due to Covid.

Upcoming Events:      

A Message from the Director of Student Services:

Wayland Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC)

The Special Education Parent Advisory Council has an important voice to add to the school district’s dialogue and decision-making in regards to special education. Parents have a unique perspective that is based on their own experiences. Working collaboratively with the Office of Student Services, the SEPAC has a positive impact on matters that pertain to special education within the Wayland Public Schools. In partnering with the school district, the SEPAC can help create a more responsive school environment and positive outcomes for families. Meaningful dialogue and progress is borne out of good communication between the officers of the SEPAC, parents and school administrators.

Richard Whitehead, M.Ed.
Director of Student Services

Wayland SEPAC News:

We are happy to announce that, as of our January 9th meeting, Wayland’s SEPAC (Special Education Parent Advisory Council)  is again active. Board positions were filled and bylaws approved unanimously. The Wayland SEPAC works to promote an innovative educational environment in which students with special education needs have equal access to educational opportunities in all of our schools and educational settings. All of our children are encouraged to reach their potential and we hope that you will join us in this effort. Our bimonthly meetings are open both to parents and guardians whose children are receiving services by way of an IEP or 504, as well as to anyone interested in special education in Wayland. Please keep an eye out for social events and other programming, too! SEPAC’s Board hopes you will join us to share information and support Wayland families with special education needs in our district. Interested in how to become involved? Please join us on Thursday, February 13th at 7pm at Town Building for our next meeting or join us on Wayland SEPAC Parents Facebook page.  Questions can be forwarded to co-chairs Anne-Louise Klaus and Colleen Morneweck at  

To contact the Wayland SEPAC please email

Co-Chairs:  Anne-Louise Klaus and Colleen Morneweck
Co-Secretaries:  Margo Grossman and Kerri-Ann Kendall
Treasurer:  Gayle Gledhill
Members at Large:  Janeka Melanson (Events/Planning)
                                 Julie Kannel (Community Resources)
                                 Erin Newton (Liaisons)
                                 Lisa Bagley (Technology)
SEPAC Liaisons:  Katy Cavallo (WHS)
                              Cara Chase and Rocio Arostegui (WMS)
                               Katie Andrus and Becky Chisholm (Happy Hollow)
                               Katherine Kiernan and Erin Newton (Claypit Hill)
                               Allyson Peller (Loker)
                               Karyn Jones and Katie Riffle (The Children's Way)
                               METCO & OOD Liaisons - Please join us!

Committee Members: 
Events/Planning:  Rocio Arostegui & Marni Canterbury
Community Resources:  Lisa Bagley & Marni Canterbury

Autism Insurance Network information

SPED Child & Teen:

Spec. Education Eligibility Flow-Chart: Spec. Education Eligibility Flow-Chart.pdf


“To encourage children to embrace differences, kids must first encounter differences.”

Check out the new Facebook community, Together We Play, an inclusive friendship & play group. This group is for families (or caregivers) raising children with special needs AND families with typically developing children, primarily in the Boston suburbs. Have some fun, and help us make the world a more accepting place! There are benefits for everyone!

Learn more here:
Join Facebook group:


The Wayland Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) is the parent advisory council for children with special needs.  The Council advocates for children with special needs and performs in an advisory and collaborative role to the Wayland School Committee relative to special education issues.  SEPAC sponsors general open meetings to educate and inform parents about topics that affect them and their children.  If you would like more information about SEPAC or to join and have your name on our mailing list please contact:

  To promote a network for parents of children with disabilities and 
      provide a forum to share information and discuss matters of relative 
      interest and concern regarding our children.
   -  To advise under Chapter 71B of the Massachusetts General Laws: 603 
      CMR, Section 28.00; the Superintendent and School Committee on
      matters that pertain to the educationand safety of students with
      disabilities as well as the operations and development of special 
    - To promote communication between SEPAC members, local, state and 
      national organizations, councils, andgroups. 

   Membership is open to all parents of children with special needs and
   other interested parties.

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