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Kindergarten Registration for the 2022-2023 School Year Opens March 14-25th.

School Registration for Grades PK-12

To register a student for school, the parent or guardian must bring the following information to  the school the child will attend:  

∙ Massachusetts Transfer Slip (if enrolling from another MA district) with SASID  number  

∙ Birth Certificate or Adoption Decree (Certified Copy ~ must have seal)  

∙ Current IEP (if applicable) with parent signature  

∙ Current Health record (listing up-to-date immunizations)  

∙ Proof of Wayland Residency (see residency policy below) 

∙ Proof of Physical Custody (if applicable)  

Additional Registration Requirements:

1) For FY22 Kindergarten Registration go to:  Kindergarten Information

2) Complete the Online Registration Form  (Click on 'Register New Account')
For NEW students in grades 1-12, completion of the online registration form does not confirm enrollment. 

3) Print, complete and gather other forms and bring to your child's school.

Records Release

Health History Form

Home Language Survey (in English)

Home Language Survey (in Other Languages)

Please call the applicable school(s) to schedule an appointment to enroll your     child(ren).


The Wayland School Committee adopts the following policy regarding the residency and  admissions of students. The staff is directed to ensure that all forms and regulations are fully executed and conform to this policy.  

I. RESIDENCY (Legal Reference: M.G.L. Chapter 76, Section 5)  

In order to attend the Wayland Public Schools, a student must actually reside in Wayland, unless  the exception (set forth in Part V below) applies. The residence of a minor child is ordinarily presumed to be the legal residence of the child’s parent or legal guardian having physical custody of the child. A student’s actual residence is considered to be the place where he or she lives permanently. In determining residency, Wayland Public Schools (WPS) retains the right to require the production of a variety of records and documentation and to investigate where a student actually resides.  

A determination that a student does not actually reside in the Town of Wayland renders the  student ineligible to enroll in the WPS or, if the student is already enrolled in the WPS, shall  result in the termination of such enrollment. A parent, legal guardian, or student who has  reached the age of majority (18), who is aggrieved by a determination of residency, may appeal the determination to the Superintendent of Schools, whose decision shall be final.  


Before any student is enrolled in the WPS, his or her parent or legal guardian must provide:  

1. A signed Statement/Affidavit of Occupancy; click HERE   


2. Proof of Residency in Wayland - 

All applicants for enrollment must submit at least one document each from Column A, B, and C  and any other documents that may be requested, including but not limited to those from Column A, B, or C (noted below). A parent, guardian, or student who is unable to produce the required documents should contact the Superintendent of Schools. 

                    Wayland Public Schools Residency Verification 

              COLUMN A 

                  COLUMN B 

            COLUMN C 

Evidence of Residency

(Submit 1) 

Evidence of Occupancy 

(Submit 1) 

Evidence of Identification  

(Photo ID)- (Submit 1)

Record of recent mortgage payment  and/or property tax bill 

Gas/Oil Bill, Electric Bill, Home Telephone Bill (not cell), Cable Bill, Water Bill  (Note: Bill must be dated within the past 45 days and address and name must be stated) 

Valid MA Driver’s License 

Fully signed and executed Lease and/or Rental Agreement  

(Must be executed by both parties) 

Recent bill dated within the past 45 days  showing Wayland address and name (Note:  A Residency Statement/Affidavit is  required with this option) 

Valid MA Photo ID Card 

Landlord/Owner of Property Affidavit HERE  
Notarized by the Wayland Town Clerk (required)

Massachusetts car registration or excise tax bill.

Valid Passport/Green Card 

Fully signed and executed Purchase and Sale (P&S) Agreement (provided occupancy date occurs before a student can be registered1

Other Government issued Photo ID

Section 8 Agreement 

1 If oI

1 If occupancy of the residence will be delayed, up to 45 days, a family may complete the Intent to Reside form. Tuition costs may be required and if so must be submitted to the Business Office prior to the completion of the registration process. 

The Principal, or his/her designee, shall verify the home address and home telephone number of each student at least once during the school year. Any irregularities shall be investigated  promptly and reported to the Superintendent of Schools. Parents are required to notify the school of any changes of their address or the address of the student within five business days of the change.  


Should a question arise concerning any student’s residency elsewhere while attending the WPS,  the student’s residency will be subject to further inquiry and/or investigation. Such questions  concerning residency may arise on the basis of incomplete, suspicious, or contradictory proofs of  address; anonymous tips; correspondence that is returned to the WPS because of an invalid or unknown address, or other grounds.

The Principal/Administrator may request additional documentation and may obtain the services of police, town departments and/or investigative agency personnel to conduct investigations into student residence. The Principal, Administrator and/or residency investigator(s) will report his or her findings to the Superintendent of Schools who shall make final determination of  residency.  

Upon an initial determination by the Superintendent of Schools that a student is actually residing in a city or town other than Wayland, the student’s enrollment in WPS shall be terminated immediately. 


In addition to termination of enrollment and the imposition of other penalties permitted by law  (M.G.L. Chapter 76, Section 5), the WPS reserves the right to recover restitution based upon the  costs of educational services provided during the period of non-residency.  


1. The Residency Requirements shall not apply to the following: 

  • Students who are entitled to attend the Wayland Public Schools under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act. 

    A student who was legally enrolled in the Schools and whose family moves out of Town on or after February 1 of a school year may, with the approval of the Superintendent, continue to attend the schools for the remainder of the school  year. 

    Continued enrollment for grade 12 of a student who has completed grade 11 in accordance with School Committee policy is subject to application to and approval by the Superintendent. 

    Students whose parents divorce or separate and share physical custody, provided one custodial parent remains a resident of Wayland and the student resides at least three of the five weekly school nights (Sunday through Thursday nights) with the parent who resides in Wayland. (Legal documentation must be provided to the Superintendent’s office.)



For students whose residency is in transition, the following exceptions to the general policy may  apply, with prior written approval from the Superintendent of Schools:  

1. Pending Purchase of Dwelling

The children of families who have signed and accepted Purchase and Sale Agreement to  purchase and reside in a dwelling in the Town of Wayland may be enrolled up to 45 calendar days in advance of the time actual physical residence occurs. If actual residence occurs later than 45 days after enrollment, students may be asked to leave the Schools until actual residence occurs. Acceptance is based on the completion of Intent to Reside form. (Tuition costs may be required)

2. Construction of New Dwelling 

Children of families which are building a primary residence in Wayland may enroll in the Schools at the beginning of the school year if they have obtained a certificate of occupancy from the Town.  


Wayland Public Schools residency requirements, verification procedures, and consequences of falsifying or misrepresenting residency will be published in the Wayland Public School’s Policy Manual, and published in each school handbook.  

Legal Reference: M.G.L. Chapter 76, Section 5


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