Welcome to K-5 Mathematics. The elementary mathematics program in Wayland Public Schools is based upon student-centered learning and developing mathematical thinking and reasoning skills in an environment that is inclusive of all types of learners. We provide a balanced experience with different types of activities designed to apply mathematical knowledge and skills to solve real-world problems. We use Bridges in Mathematics as our core curriculum to develop:

  • Conceptual understanding – making sense of the math, reasoning about and understanding math concepts and ideas.  

  • Procedural fluency – knowing mathematical facts, computing and solving problems.  

  • Capacity – solving a wide range of problems in various contexts by reasoning, thinking, and applying the mathematics they have learned. 

In Wayland, elementary math instruction:

  • Is collaborative and social, giving students the opportunity to construct meaning and make sense of concepts for themselves. 

  • Uses questioning strategies that draw out student thinking and promote discourse while creating a safe learning environment. 

  • Incorporates visual models and manipulatives to deepen conceptual understanding.

  • Requires students to persevere when faced with challenges.

Differentiated instruction and intervention are key to student progress. During the WIN (What Need) block, we use various components of the Bridges curriculum and Bridges Intervention program so that all students have dedicated time to:

  • Focus on extending concepts, 

  • Refine and practice skills, and/or

  • Build fluency

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