m June 1, 2010

Minutes - Wayland School Committee
Regular Session   June 1, 2010  

A Regular Session of the Wayland School Committee was held on Tuesday, June 1, 2010, at 7:00 P.M. in the School Committee Room of the Wayland Town Building.

Present were:
Dr. Louis Jurist, Chair
Mr. Jeff Dieffenbach, Vice-Chair
Dr. Malcolm Astley
Mrs. Barb Fletcher

Dr. Gary A. Burton
Superintendent of Schools

Mr. Brad J. Crozier
Assistant Superintendent

Ms. Joy E. Buhler
Business Administrator

Dr. Marlene M. Dodyk
Director of Student Services

Chair Louis Jurist convened the regular meeting at 7:05 P.M.

1. School Choice Hearing:
Resolution on School Choice

Whereas the Education Reform Act of 1993 requires the enrollment of non-resident students under the School Choice provision unless the Committee votes by June 1 not to participate, and

Whereas the School Choice provision takes money away from the sending district and awards it to the receiving district, and

Whereas Wayland’s per pupil expenditure is greater than the maximum allowable reimbursement, which means Wayland taxpayers would subsidize each choice student, and

Whereas once Wayland accepts a pupil, it must keep the pupil through graduation even though Wayland’s demographic situation might change considerably, and

Whereas it is possible that a number of students could return to their sending districts or otherwise leave Wayland, thus creating a potential income loss, now hereby be it.

Resolved that the Wayland School Committee respectfully declines to participate in the choice program with the provision that should surrounding school districts subsequently and prior to June 1 decide to accept the provisions of School Choice, the Wayland School Committee reserves the right to do likewise in order to protect its fiduciary interest in this matter.

Dr. Burton recommended the School Committee not open Wayland to enter into the School Choice Program.

A community member pointed out that according to the law, the Committee should have held the hearing prior to June 1.

Upon a motion duly made by Dr. Astley, seconded by Mrs. Fletcher, the School Committee voted unanimously (4-0) to support the resolution not to participate in School Choice for FY11.

2. Comments or Written Statements from the Public:
There were no comments or written statements.

3. Joint Meeting with WHS Students:
The School Committee met with five Wayland High School students. They discussed topics that included, but not limited to, technology changes, high school atmosphere, stress, advice for incoming freshmen, homework, quality of instruction, the new high school design, the social scene, Middle School, academic center, efforts to curb substance abuse, and supports built into the school to help students in a variety of ways. The students participating were: Clare Bailey, Carolyn Jones, Mike Kennedy, Bret Baker, and Miles Adler. They answered questions posed by the Committee members and administrators.

4. Discussion re: Superintendent Search:
The School Committee discussed the draft of the Superintendent Search RFP and several changes were made to the draft. Ms. Buhler will review the draft and provide a draft at a future meeting. The School Committee will send out a communication to the Listserv to generally describe the search process.

5. Superintendent’s Evaluation:
The School Committee discussed the evaluation process for the Superintendent’s evaluation. Mrs. Fletcher will circulate the general questions/topics that will be discussed at the meeting on June 21st. After the discussion of the Superintendent’s professional competence, the evaluation will be written in executive session.

6. Comments from the Public:
A community member commented on tonight’s input from the students related to technology.

7. Executive Session:
Upon a motion duly made by Mr. Dieffenbach, seconded by Mrs. Fletcher, the Committee voted unanimously (4-0)
in a roll call vote to convene in Executive Session at 8:47 P.M. for the purpose of matters pertaining to Collective Bargaining with WTA and Custodians, as set forth in Section 23B of G.L. Ch. 39.

              Roll Call



Dr. Louis Jurist

Mr. Jeff Dieffenbach




Dr. Malcolm Astley

Mrs. Barb Fletcher





The Chair announced that the Committee would reconvene in Open Session immediately following the adjournment of the Executive Session for adjournment purposes only.

8. Adjournment:
Upon a motion by Mr. Dieffenbach, seconded by Mrs. Fletcher, the Committee voted unanimously (4-0) to adjourn the Regular Session at 9:19 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Gary A. Burton, Clerk
Wayland School Committee

Tom Sciacca, WVN


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