m January 25, 2010

Minutes - Wayland School Committee
Regular Session   January 25, 2010  

A Regular Session of the Wayland School Committee was held on Monday, January 25, 2010, at 7:00 P.M. in the School Committee Room of the Wayland Town Building.

Present were:
Dr. Louis Jurist, Chair
Mr. Jeff Dieffenbach, Vice Chair
Mr. Malcolm Astley
Ms. Deb Cohen, Esq.
Mrs. Barb Fletcher

Dr. Gary A. Burton
Superintendent of Schools

Mr. Brad J. Crozier
Assistant Superintendent

Ms. Joy E. Buhler
Business Administrator

Dr. Marlene M. Dodyk
Director of Student Services

Also the FinCom:
Sam Pepper
Cherry Karlson
John Bladon
Robert Lentz
Paul Grasso

Chair Louis Jurist convened the regular meeting at 7:03 P.M.

1. Meeting with the Finance Committee:
The School Committee provided a brief overview of the FY’11 School Committee budget. The School Committee answered questions from the FinCom members related to the FY’11 budget.

2. Comments and Written Statements from the Public:
• A community member asked if the district could have access to federal funds to educate the students that reside in Hanscom housing within the district’s borders.
• A community member provided the Committee with a brief article from the Boston Globe.

3. Discussion re: the DESE’s 2010 Circuit Breaker Reimbursement to Special Education:
Dr. Dodyk provided the School Committee with a final report from the 2010 Circuit Breaker audit.

4. Discussion re: Technology Warrant Article:
The Technology warrant article will be adjusted to replace computers rather than the 1-1 pilot. Smaller demand based 1-1 programs will be tested with the anticipation of a larger grade wide 1-1 computer curriculum pilot at a later date. Jeff and Leisha will finalize the details in the Technology Plan and submit it to the FinCom.

5. Approval of Accounts Payable & Payroll Warrants:
Upon a motion duly made by Mr. Dieffenbach, seconded by Mr. Astley, the School Committee voted unanimously (5-0) to approve the following warrants:
• School Department Payroll warrant, dated 1/28/2010, in the amount of $1,069,073.21

6. Superintendent’s Mid-Year Goals:
Dr. Burton will provide his mid-year goals at a February meeting.

7. The Education Cooperative (TEC):
Dr. Burton provided the School Committee with a summary of the benefits Wayland has received from TEC.

8. The Education Cooperative’s Virtual High School:
Dr. Burton provided the School Committee with the TEC online courses for FY’11.

9. Comments from the Public:
A community member commented that the change of direction with technology should not change the ultimate goal of increasing the use of technology in the classrooms.

10. Executive Session:
Upon a motion duly made by Mr. Dieffenbach, seconded by Mr. Astley, the Committee voted unanimously
(5-0) in a roll call vote to convene in Executive Session at 8:57 P.M. for the purpose of matters pertaining to Collective Bargaining, Litigation and Personnel, as set forth in Section 23B of G.L. Ch. 39.

              Roll Call



Dr. Louis Jurist



Mr. Jeff Dieffenbach

Mr. Malcolm Astley

Mrs. Deb Cohen

Mrs. Barb Fletcher






The Chair announced that the Committee would reconvene in Open Session immediately following the adjournment of the Executive Session for adjournment purposes only.

11. Adjournment:
Upon a motion by Mrs. Fletcher, seconded by Mr. Dieffenbach, the Committee voted unanimously (5-0) to adjourn the Regular Session at 10:51 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Gary A. Burton, Clerk
Wayland School Committee

Tom Sciacca, WVN
Linda Segal, self

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